What are we doing to have safe classes during one of the most challenging times of our lives?

-We have a new space that has a large room. If you would like to schedule an appointment to see it, please email kindermusikjules@gmail.com. It is being sanitized, repainted, and will have new carpet before classes start. We also just purchased an air purifier for the room. Kindermusik is the only thing in that room and we are limiting class sizes so we can be 6+ feet apart, with floor spots labeled. V


-Vacuuming and wiping down everything before and after classes will be done (this is standard protocol anyway).


-Families will be required to wash hands before and after class. 

-Each family will have their own bucket of instruments in class that we will have labeled with their name. We clean before and after each class, then no one else touches them until YOU do the next week.

-We thought it would be fun to have classes outside! We had a few families that have been in Kindermusik for years request that, and after we all talked about it, and given the interest, we decided to do it! The only thing is we might only be able to be outside through September or maybe October, because we know Ohio weather!

-We are following CDC guidelines plus more just to be safe! We talked to the Summit County Health Department and they said everything we're doing is what they recommend. Kindermusik is a very unique business! 

-Teachers will wear a mask. 

-Temperatures will be taken before class.