Golden Slumbers

Sharon Swetland

Licensed Kindermusik Educator

Sharon Swetland (Ms. Sharon) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a minor in Speech and Theatre. She is probably most often recognized for her role of co-host on the Ohio Lottery's Cash Explosion Game Show, which airs on Saturday evenings. She is also a host for the Lottery's nightly drawings. Before moving to a career of primarily television work, Sharon worked as a professional actress with the regional company of The Cleveland Play House, appeared at the Great Lakes Theatre and various other professional theatre companies. Her work with children and music started with musical theatre and youth theatre training. Kindermusik is a wonderful blend for her dedication to children - music, childhood development, education, and personal interaction during those precious first few years. 
Ms. Sharon's favorite Kindermusik book is Pete and P.J., and her favorite song is Golden Slumbers!